Blades is at the forefront of PR services.  The CEO, Kera Blades-Snell, began her professional career a decade ago in a public relations capacity.  Let us move forward with your public relations needs.  Public Relations requires engaging content paired with effective business development efforts. By partnering with Blades, we will handle your PR efforts, including press releases, pitch stories, news coverage, and crisis communications. Regularly promoting your notable achievements is one of the best ways to ensure brand awareness. Knowing your audience and how to reach them most effectively is just another way Blades will help you impact your bottom line. We will provide these services


Community Outreach plans are critical for any organization, and it entails multiple approaches based on the event or the community need.   If you need coverage in your community to promote some aspect of your business, then news, stories, and content that effective spreads your message is important for placement in front of journalists, bloggers, and influencers who have the power to spread the message. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for PR community outreach, but there are many tools and services to help.  Blades has the experience to create effective press releases and attract their placement on wire services for even more outreach.  Media outreach is also critical, which is simply identifying the journalists that cover topics in the brand’s industry, geography, or marketing segment.  Influencer outreach is also important.  Find the correct influencer, and you can successfully spread the merits of your product or service to attract the attention of your audience. Reputation management is when spreading a positive spin with the community is very important, and we have the experience to ensure a business reputations and reverse negative publicity.  Blades has the background and knowledge to successfully guide your content or products to the right source in your community.  Let us assist you with this.


Whether person-to-person, or business-to-business, Blades understands the importance of Strategic Partnerships.  We can bring our years of experience to assist your company in building long-term relationships that work from a business sense.  We can help bring together partnerships between businesses, organizations or individuals that involve working towards a collective goal. We can help bring together entities with similar services, as well as situations that offer combined resources of talent, knowledge, expertise and often, finances. While each entity retains its own autonomy, strategic partnering can help participants expand their business base and attract more clients.  Let us help your business attract those crucial relationships to move forward.

We manage your MEDIA BUYING

Media buying requires time consuming research, planning, and wise buying opportunities.  A well-planned buy is only as good as the way it is executed.  Successful implementation of media strategies is the core of successful media buying. Blaze structures optimal buys in less time, negotiates hard for our client needs.  We create value-enhancing opportunities and promotions that stretch media exposure for our clients.  Our media buying experience encompasses multiple platforms, including traditional and digital media, television, radio, print media, outdoor media, digital/online, and even direct mail.  Let us take care of your media buying needs and select the formats that will give you more exposure to your audience.

We manage your MEDIA RELATIONS

In addition to the important of media community outreach, we believe that media relationships are dynamic, and they can change quickly.  Blades believes that success incorporates both media relations and public relations as a synonymous whole.  It includes professional success with an effective communications strategy, messaging, content creation that works, and marketing. We place a high premium on media relationship skills, including contacts, publicity results, and earned placements.  We believe that all media – earned, owned, and shared – should work together to create a cohesive and powerful program that drives visibility, influences opinion and spurs action.  At Blades, we value the need for media relationships that work in good times and troubled times.  Let us show you what we can do.


Everything you do as a company can be misinterpreted if the wrong message gets out.  A seemingly innocent event can quickly turn bad and become a public relations nightmare.  Don’t let that happen to you.  At Blades, we have years of experience helping great companies survive unfortunate events.  Let us manage the image you want with public resources.  That includes an effective Public Education Program that will generate a loyal company fan base during the easy times, and an educated fan base during times when media events may impact prove negative for your company.  The wrong message can affect public sentiment and severe revenue loss.  We can make sure that never happens to you.


Professional copywriting is a necessary element of effective marketing and public relations. In fact, the power of writing strong, powerful documentation can never be underestimated or taken for granted. Conjuring your brand voice, maintaining a consistent tone, and having a succinct message that resonates with your audience is no simple task. Blades is ready to help you with all of your content development, copywriting, and content editing needs. We will provide copywriting services for web, print, radio, TV, social media, and many other marketing applications.

We manage your MEDIA TRAINING

We have developed media training programs for executives and employees alike. Our media training workshops start with an emphasis on today’s changing traditional and digital media landscape and the implications for interviews and information-gathering tactics, followed by the development of brand messages.  We also discuss and advise on the media interview experience, including important aspects of on-camera interviewing, like voice, body language, and facial expression. Our coaching includes videotaped practice interviews that are selected according to a client’s individual expertise and brand story, designed to prepare clients for everyday media interaction as well as tricky situations like off-topic or hostile questions, interruptions, and remote-camera or split-screen interview setups. We can provide best practices for every type of media interaction, including background conversations, technical or clinical data, and emergency situations.