In addition to providing services related to Public Relations and Marketing, our experience at Blades allows our company to educate and coach businesses on best practices that will help them succeed.  Some of these coaching services include the following


Blades realizes we are living in a business environment where start-ups are common.  Unfortunately, start-ups usually have limited funding and a short time frame to achieve success.  The Blades team has personal experience with building business start-ups, and we understand that working smart and fast is important. Blades can coach your business start-up and share real-world experiences that will simply help your company survive.  Let us analyze your current situation, recommend funding opportunities that will extend the life of your new company, and review your primary services and products to help promote success.  Our coaching methods for start-up companies work, and our advice can make the difference between success and failure.  Hire us as a valuable resource to sustain your start-up business!

Business Development

Blades understands that your company may not be a start-up, but you may need coaching because challenges have occurred, or the business plan has not functioned as it should. Blades offers a unique, cutting-edge learning opportunity designed to sharpen your business development skills.  The coaching program is driven by business needs; specifically, it is designed to enhance the capabilities of attracting new business and enhancing current client relationships. The outcome of this coaching is development of a crucial set of business development skills that everyone associated with your company must have.

Issue and Crisis Management

Blades provides consulting services that help clients identify a company’s their top reputational threats, plan for the most likely scenarios, and develop a timely response and internal communications process in the event of a true crisis.  There is no true outcome that stands as a template for every situation, and you can’t be fully prepared for everything.  But Blades will train staff how to be prepared and how to initiate a prevention plan.  We inform our clients that preparation must be continuous, and it must be reviewed on a regular basis.  We also recommend the most likely scenarios.  Our team will assist with creating a rapid-response process that enables a professional response quickly and favorably.